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Thermo-Lo System The Woodlands

The unrivaled Thermo-Lo system in The Woodlands is an advanced technology utilized to treat a variety of skin problems. It can address issues like spider veins, skin tags, acne, melasma, rosacea, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, cherry hemangioma, cholesterol deposits, and unwanted hair.

The Thermo-Lo system uses an electric current delivered by a tiny probe to dehydrate the treatment site. This causes the skin to exfoliate, thereby effectively solving various skin problems.

The non-invasive procedure requires little to no downtime. Only minimal heat is used during the procedure, and a topical anesthetic is used to numb the region beforehand.

Why Undergo Thermo-Lo Treatment?

Thermo-Lo is considered a better approach than most of the lasers used to correct skin problems like spider veins, milia acne, sebaceous hyperplasia, cholesterol deposits, age spots, and skin tags. Thermo-Lo specifically targets the affected area, preventing the surrounding areas from any damage.

Thermo-Lo is a perfect solution for patients looking to treat their skin conditions while avoiding invasive cosmetic procedures and post-surgical marks. It solves various skin concerns without damaging the treated skin area or leaving unwanted discoloration or blemishes.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Thermo-Lo Treatment?

All skin types are safe to undergo Thermo-Lo. If you have visible signs of age spots, acne, rosacea, cherry angiomas, skin tags, or broken capillaries, you may undergo Thermo-Lo treatment. Patients looking for alternative treatments for their skin aging conditions are ideal candidates for Thermo-Lo treatments.

Patients who are not satisfied with the results of their usual skincare routine are excellent candidates for Thermo-Lo treatments. Patients must be healthy and have realistic expectations. Candidates should be willing to follow recommended skincare instructions after their Thermo-Lo treatment session.

Your Consultation

During your Thermo-Lo consultation in The Woodlands and Houston, we will listen to your concerns about skin aging. We will examine your skin closely to understand better the skin issues being treated, including their size and severity. We will also look over your medical history and ask about any skin treatments you have tried in the past.

We will recommend a suitable treatment plan based on your skin imperfections and aesthetic goals. We will discuss the details of the treatment, including cost and aftercare directions. Make sure to ask any questions you may have.

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The Thermo-Lo Procedure

During a Thermo-Lo treatment session in The Woodlands, the tiny probe will be applied strictly to the area that requires treatment. Application of topical anesthetic will be required to minimize the warm pricking sensation and promote comfort. Areas around the lips and the nose are commonly more sensitive compared to other treatment sites.

Thermo-Lo treatment normally takes 15 minutes. The length of treatment time may vary depending on the skin conditions being treated. The advantage of Thermo-Lo is that it does not affect the deeper layers of skin – the main target is the epidermis.

To achieve the best results, a series of 3 sessions is recommended. An interval of 4 to 6 weeks should occur between each treatment session in order to give the skin time to heal.

When Will I See Results?

Thermo-Lo Medical Spa Service Houston

Favorable results after Thermo-Lo treatment in The Woodlands and Houston can be typically seen after a single treatment session. In most cases, results are instant, and they are often permanent. Some patients may need to wait a few weeks before enjoying the full results, depending on their skin problems.

For optimal results, patients must undergo the full number of required treatment sessions according to the treatment plan. They must follow the aftercare instructions closely to ensure full recovery and achieve the expected results safely and efficiently.


Because it is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, a Thermo-Lo treatment normally requires very little to no downtime or recovery time. You may experience minor discomfort and noticeable exfoliation during the first few days after the treatment session.

After the procedure, you will be advised to stay out of the sun for at least one week. The use of sunscreen is a must when outdoors since the skin will still be in the process of healing and will be prone to sun damage. The skin should be sanitized with a gentle cleanser.

How Much Does Thermo-Lo Cost?

The cost of Thermo-Lo in The Woodlands varies from patient to patient. The price depends on the number of sessions required for each patient, along with the specific skin problems being treated.

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